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1. Create an account by registering and uploading necessary documents.

2. Log in and browse products.

3. Add required items to basket.

4. Complete prescriptions for any prescription only medicines (POM) ordered. This can be done by either printing and completing the prescription template. Printed prescriptions must be signed in ink by the prescriber. Alternatively, the prescriber can submit an electronic prescription. Access to the electronic prescription system can be obtained by emailing prescriptions@pharmalyfe.co.uk. Complete as many prescriptions as required for different patients. Items on prescriptions must match total of products ordered.

5. Email your printed prescriptions and order number to prescriptions@pharmalyfe.co.uk or alternatively upload them at the checkout area. If an electronic prescription has been submitted, we will check it against the order placed and process the order accordingly. If there are any issues, we will contact you.

*Information for non prescribers:

If you are a non prescriber, your partner prescriber can complete prescriptions on your behalf. Please note they will have to create an account with us and submit the necessary documentation.

If it is a paper prescription, they will need to email the prescriptions to you in order for you to upload them. Please note it is the prescribers’ responsibility to ensure we receive the original prescriptions within 72hrs as per the GPhC guidelines.

If it is an electronic prescription, this can be filled out online and it will automatically be sent to us upon completion. There is no need to print, email or post electronic prescriptions. We will then proceed to process your order.

Please note any orders containing POMs will only be processed once we have received the necessary prescriptions.

6. Pay for order.